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Decorative Paper Flower

How cute is this decorative paper flower craft? We had so much fun making these to brighten up our living room, Drawing room, and guest room. They look fab on display and make great handmade gifts for mothers Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, teacher gifts, and more! So let's make it.


  • Colored paper

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Any brush or pen for curling our flower


1. Take the colored paper that you will be using for the flower head and cut it into 2 equal strips of paper.

2. Then take one strip of paper and fold the strips together at one side and cut as in the below picture.

3. After that take one brush and curl your paper.

4. It's time to make the stem of the flower, Take another strip and rolled it with the help of the brush, and glue it at the end.

5. Take the end of the flower head strip and glue it down at the stem of the flower. Continue this process with all of the strips and then glue down the stem to make the decorative paper flower

6. Then cut out two leaves of green paper, Glue the leaf onto the stem and your Decorative paper flower is ready to enhance your area.

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