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  • Lots of colored paper.

  • Glue

  • Glitter sheet

  • Markers

  • Double Tape

  • Glitter tape

  • Scissors


We cut 2-inch strips from an A4 sheet of paper. We cut strips along the shorter edge. We do taping on Both sides. Start making small accordion-style folds along its longer edge. Miss P used a mini craft stick to hold and measure each fold. If you have a scorer, measure and score each card and then it gets easier for younger kids to fold.

We cut out a 3-inch strip from our paper tape and stuck half of the tape on one side. Carefully bring the other end together and stick the two ends together as shown. Fold the excess tape at the back.

Repeat the same step to make multi-colored Diya-shaped folds. My younger siso wanted one in each rainbow color, but I had run out of matching colored papers. You could make them all in one color or two tones. They will all look pretty and you can decorate your home also. Fold the excess tape at the back.

Cut out a flame shape piece from orange Glitter paper. You could use any paper. Even gold would look awesome. We added some accents to it with a red marker and some glitter. We also had some pretty sequin stickers that lined each paper diya and they looked pretty festive and bright.

Making paper diyas and crafts is highly beneficial for children. It fosters creativity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Children can explore colors, shapes, and textures while learning about cultural traditions. It also encourages imagination, and problem-solving, and provides a sense of accomplishment when they create beautiful and unique crafts.

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