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Learning by doing: How does it work?

What is learning by doing?

How often have you heard from someone, that if don’t try you won’t learn? Learning by doing is a simple concept of practical learning. As the name suggests “do it”, learning by doing is a pedagogical method.

We should always inspire children to learn by doing what they want to learn instead of giving them a solved answer for everything.

Whenever children have any queries or questions we tend to direct them toward a mentor and the internet now more than ever. We always want the best for our kids and with emotion, we often take the ability for granted, like to think out of the box and find the solution for the problem by them. When a child starts to walk it is very important to leave them to take steps on their own. And by giving support and holding hands every time a child tries to stand, we delay their progress. It is just like that with learning anything we can think of.

What are the benefits?

And as Aristotle said, “for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

“Learning by doing” has more benefits than when we learn something by watching. Yes, we need a theoretical concept of what we want to learn but even theoretical concepts become easy to comprehend and estimate when we “learn by doing.”

  • It’s more engaging and more memorable.

The first and most important benefit of “learning by doing” is, it’s more engaging and more memorable. As the name suggests, Learning by doing”, requires action and we know that both hands work very closely with our right and left brain, Your brain has two sides, which are known as hemispheres. The left hemisphere controls the right side of your body, dealing with logical thought and linguistic functions. The right hemisphere controls the left side of your body, dealing with things such as our imagination, unique orientation, and intuition.

“Learning by doing” helps us in reducing mistakes in the future. It is as much an easy-to-learn process as it is easy to teach.

  • It is more personal.

A benefit we see in “Learning by doing” is that, it is more personal. Furthermore, we can observe that “learning by doing” gives us a different experience which allows us to add or subtract to the task or what we are doing with our personal experience, stemming from the reason mentioned above, learning by doing offers a unique experience. Referring back to the cycle of effort, mistakes, reflection, and refinement, this cycle is only possible through personal emotions—the motivation and realization of knowledge of a particular topic tying into your values and ideals.

Strong examples of “learning by doing”.

  • Riding a bike.

Riding a bike is a very strong example of “learning by doing”. We have all experienced the process of learning how to ride a bike. How many people do you know who learned how to ride a bike with their father or big brother holding them from behind throughout the process? We start to learn when they leave the bike in the middle when we thought there is support behind us. That is the exact moment we learn how to coordinate and balance, the moment we look back and find your support far behind and start to panic, we realize you’ve learned to balance and coordinate your movements.

Learning by doing: How Apfet helps?

Apfet introduced an “Apfet learning kit” of more than 10 kinds. “Apfet learning kit” helps kids in practical learning which not only makes learning fun for children but also inspires them to think outside the box. ‘Apfet learning kit” promotes “learning by doing” in most of the projects. We understand the importance and how “learning by doing” helps children to think creatively, develop critical thinking, and prepare them to have the ability to make a decision.

“Apfet learning kit” comes with all the accessories that will make the learning experience for kids easy and fun. All of our “Apfet learning kit” is ready to make arts & crafts kit.

We have many kinds of “Apfet learning kits” like;

You can buy the “Apfet learning kit” on our website for your kids or you can also shop on Amazon and Flipkart. You can explore our website for more details and the latest update about Apfet and its products.

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