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Every child is special. They just unwrap their packages at different times.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

When we look at the sky full of stars, we observe the twinkles from all over the universe as wide and far as we can see. Each star has its twinkle and it’s unique. It is just like how we can observe every child with their unique personality and talent. Every child sparkles in their form, what is important is how parents and their mentors can bring out that uniqueness. You might remember the drawing from our childhood we used to do where we had to connect the dots given in our drawing books to draw figures. Sometimes we messed up and the other time we made perfect figures. It is just like that with children.

People say that a child is like a blank sheet of paper, you can shape them as you wish. But I believe it to be more like every child with a sheet of paper with dots of wonderfully different personalities. And it’s up to the parents and mentors to connect the dots to shape their unique personalities. We have to be more careful and attentive as parents and mentors during the unwrapping of the child’s uniqueness.

Every child is gifted, we say it very often. How often do we believe it? This term “gifted” really just separates and divides students, literally and figuratively while I’m sure whoever came up with this system had the best intentions. It also creates so much stress and frustration for the parents. Instead of just trying to raise well-rounded kids we feel like we have to compete with one other to prove that our kids are just as “gifted” as the next. Every child is gifted at something I believe. Every single one has a special interest, passion, and talent that is unique.

I believe that all students should be challenged, not only the ones that belong to that special gifted class.

Why are we always focusing only on grades and achievement that is academic? Instead of labeling kids, we should be looking at other very important aspects of their lives. We should be teaching them values, respect, and kindness.

And when it comes to choosing a career for our kids we tend to shift towards a primitive approach. We like to decide for our children as our parents decided for us. And the choices we wanted to make back then, we put them on the kids. It is a hierarchy coming throughout generations that we need to break.

How Apfet helps kids to find their talent and improve their personality.

Apfet works with the idea of every child is unique in their way. We do not try to level all kids to find the same result for everyone. We are here to understand every child’s unique personality and work in a way that benefits them on their journey to become better learners and better human beings. We have different art & craft classes for kids and adults as well. Classes that focus on kids’ unique personality brings out the best of them.

Apfet has also introduced “Apfet art & craft learning kit” that shapes a child’s personality. Our Learning kit helps kids to think out of the box and develop critical thinking. Apfet learning kit activity helps in developing the kid's concentration and patience. While pursuing the craft activity, as the child learns these skills in this kit, they can transfer them to other areas of creative play. The kid can enjoy this craft activity as it gains a sense of achievement. There is also a great deal of concentration which happens as the kid learns about dimensions and spatial arrangement in this construction.

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