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Apfet- A platform for extraordinary talent.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

When we were in school it was often told that art & craft doesn’t provide a beneficial career. We all know at least one classmate or you might be that person who was extraordinary at doing art. And we do not find them doing what they were so good, at that young age. Now art only became their hobby to pass the time for what could have been their successful choice of career. What went wrong passing through school time that made us change our chance to make our passion into a successful career in arts & Crafts? And how can we change the course of life for us and others and guide them towards a better approach to choosing a career in Art & Craft?

Introducing Apfet, a name known for learning art & craft. Apfet not only helps students with a passion for art but also guides them toward a passionate and successful career in Art & Craft. Our best faculties provide nuances of every form of art like Painting, Portraits, abstracts, Sketches, and more. Every faculty working with us are expert in the team.

Apfet is working towards a better approach to making easily accessible career choices in arts & Crafts. And give passionate individuals a clear vision of what could have been and can be an alternate future. where one does not have to make their passion into hobbies only to choose a more profitable career that society sets up for us. Apfet provides a vast approach to creative learning in various ways. Our goal is to give students proper classes of Art & craft of their choice and to make that class a world-class experience for the learners. A regular school focuses on the artistic factor of individual students only as much as they need to pass the Arts & Crafts subject. That’s where Apfet comes with an opportunity to provide a learning experience for the students. Apfet provides classes and guidance for Art & Craft in online and in offline modes easily accessible for kids.

‘Apfet learning kit’ helps improve kids in more than one way. It not only makes learning fun but also develop kids’ mind to think out of the box. ‘Apfet learning kit’ helps provide various types of accessories to make Art and Craft easy for kids. ‘Apfet learning kit’ opens up a new world of learning various forms of art. It helps children very creatively in improving Art and craft in a fun way. It provides a building block of a step-by-step process of creative learning.

Future plans:

We look forward to a very broad future for Apfet. We will be separating our focus on more of our plans yet concentrating on the one basic thing which is Art & Craft. We are launching more featured brand-new Learning Kits, Workshops for schools, and Art camps for art enthusiasts. We are planning for Apfet School for Art & Crafts where we will focus on the creative learning of the students.

And we are very happy to inform you that we are launching our Apfet Application at end of this year. It will focus on making classes easily accessible at your fingertips.

Apfet family is looking forward to having you on board with us on your artistic journey. We hope you enjoy your time with us and have a clear vision of your creative future. You can visit us on our website for information about the classes and Apfet. And you can also join us on our social media websites for the latest information and updates.

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